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My name is Theresia McCearney and I am specialised in Character Design, Visual Development and 2D Animation.
This blog shows a few samples of my work so feel free to browse through the archives.
However if you want to have good look at my professional achievements don't hesitate to ask me for my online portfolio ;)
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jeudi 27 mai 2010

Observational and Life Drawing- Human and Animals

Background Art- The Jam Thief

Digitally Painted with Art Rage.
The color script I've made during the concept art phase was essential to keep the mood I wanted.

CGI props design

lundi 24 mai 2010

Character Design- first research- 'Best Mates'

Those are the first designs I have done for Gemma's project when the lead characters were pandas. I was looking for geometrical shapes and also trying to find a good balance for the anthropomorphism that the story required. UPA's cartoons were one of the inspirations. However the anteaters doodles at the top decided Gemma's to choose them as main characters. I didn't realised at this time that they should walk on the back of their front paws. I corrected this error on the final designs.

Character Design- Best Mates

This is a work I have done for a fellow student for her graduation movie project.
The storyline was mostly about an unlucky Dom Juan in a zoo. First Gemma was thinking of pandas but then swapped for anteaters after I show her some doodles.

Character Design -SkySaga competition

This is a sample of what I submitted to this competition.
I won a wonderful Wall-E collector poster as a first prize.

Character Design- The Frog-Gardener

'Isken Roads' facial turn around

An here is the model sheet for this character.

'Isken Roads' expression sheet

This is one of the character I created for this project.

lundi 10 mai 2010

Isken Roads character design research

This come from an old Tv series project I made some years ago. I put a lot of work in it so I will be able to post other samples from it. As you can see there are watercolor studies but I also completed some model sheets and storyboards.

Character Design Research

While I was doing the Jam Thief, I didn't stop sketching some character design research...

Life drawings

Those were done at Rouen Beaux Arts after I went to an exhibition about Renaissance Artists.