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My name is Theresia McCearney and I am specialised in Character Design, Visual Development and 2D Animation.
This blog shows a few samples of my work so feel free to browse through the archives.
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jeudi 27 février 2014

Fluffy Baby Camel

And here's the fluffy baby camel: obviously not one of the hot North African deserts, this guy belongs to cold mountains, Mongolia, perhaps.
I've thought it could be interesting to add the original sketch as a comparison base...

And a mermaid...

Character Design_Russian inspiration

So for those ones I was thinking to do another color study as the last ones but I quite liked the worn out marker aspect (the bevel marker I was using at the time had just reached the right point: pity you can't keep it that way for very long).
So I decided to go for a Baskt approach instead ;)

Random color and basic shapes studies.

Here are some little things I've done lately in order to experiment with some new brushes I've found for photoshop. I used as a base some quick doodles with very basic shape variations:

A little Emo princess for a start

This one turns out to have a definite Mary Blair's feeling

While this one is more of a Maxfield Parrish's tribute.

Back to Mary Blair.

And the last one which I kept quite geometric has a color scheme that reminds me strongly of Song of the Sea.