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samedi 2 juillet 2011

Dancing Stones - Flash Animation

Dancing Stones from Theresia McCearney on Vimeo.

This is a little Flash/ After-Effect animation I have made for the Pepsi MoFilm contest 'Forever Young'.
What's more ancient that the centuries old stones circles?
However what's make you think those stones are dignified by the age: all they want is dance!
The only brief we've got was the line 'Forever Young' and I come with this 'archeological' story (one of my interest). One streak of inspiration come from the folklore (another personal interest) attached to those ancient stones: they are said to dance some nights and go for a drink at the nearest river...
I love those stories...
The production went quickly: a month including concept art, storyboard, layout, animation and compositing, all by myself
Another rule of the contest was to limit the animation to 1 minute sharp including the Pepsi starting and ends credits.
I didn't keep the Pepsi credits in this version as for rules reasons.
Characters and vehicles animation were done in Flash. I just jazzed up some bits with After-Effect sfxs (shake and smoke etc but no particles).

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