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My name is Theresia McCearney and I am specialised in Character Design, Visual Development and 2D Animation.
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lundi 5 janvier 2015


Happy New Year everyone!
Never say too late: here's the special card I've made for the occasion. It's late because I started a little after schedule and I didn't take into account how consuming seasonal festivities can be (hiccups).
This year theme is 'The gift bringers' to celebrate the gift of a new year and its anticipated surprises. The characters featured are all from folklore and the official gift bringers in their countries at the occasion of xmas/winter festival/seasonal general rejoicing. Thus an additional little game: will you be able to tell the name and country of each gift bringer featured? A little hint: there's six teams (a team can be of one person).
Don't hesitate to give your answers and questions in the comments below ;)
Have a great New Year full of health, happiness and success...

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